Friday, August 27, 2010

Tie Up Your F!@#ing Mutt

I love dogs. I desperately want my own, and the only two things (big things) stopping me from this are lack of funds and transitory living conditions. If I didn't have these two problems, you'd bet I'd have a dog. A bigger dog, preferably, one to roll around with and cuddle and tousle its ears. (I know before I talked about a chihuahua, but he was adopted and that boat has sailed.)

But you know what just happened?

Jordan was knocked off his bike by an aggressive, charging pit bull, and his wrist is either broken or severely dislocated. They couldn't even x-ray it. So now this pit bull is going to be put down because of its aggressive tendencies and Texas law. You know how this could have been fixed?

Either train your dog properly or keep it in your damn yard.

You don't let an aggressive dog just wander around. You just don't. "Oh, he jumps the fence." Then fix it. If he's outside, tie him to a lead. If he's in your house, keep him from doors.

Jordan isn't very tall, but he's compact. He does martial arts and works out daily. He can fight off a pit bull and get away without being bit.

You know who can't?

I can't. Children can't. We'd have been ripped apart. It wouldn't just be a scenario of me half a country away having anxiety attacks over my mostly-fine-but-in-a-lot-of-pain boyfriend. It could have been a real tragedy.

Tie up your aggressive dogs, for fucks sake.


Armond said...

These are the kinds of people I would enjoy stabbing.

Sir Sannhet said...

Well good for him for not getting mauled, that takes a steady hand and an ability to stay calm.

I have trained dogs my whole life, starting with my first dog, Circe, a Doberman, and going up to Rottweilers, a Pit Bull, and a German Shepard. I can honestly say that however you secure an untrained dog, it's still a hazard. Owners that are unable or unwilling to train a dog should not be allowed to own one. I don't care if it's a Shitzu or a St. Bernard, it's safer for both the dog, it's owners, family, and neighbors to have it trained.

Well that was rant-y. Yeah, untrained dogs bother me too :(. Hope Jordan's arm is feeling better.

Joe W. said...

Man, I really hate owners who can't control their own pets. *sigh*

shezandguy said...

What's the word on his wrist now?

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