Monday, September 6, 2010

What's In a Name?

This blog has moved to Bell in Real Life.

A while ago I wondered about if I should still use "Bellwether" on my personal blog or if I should switch to "Dani." If you notice, even after closing 4Haelz, I'm still using the "Bell" blog moniker. And, honestly, I prefer to use "Bell," "Bellbell," or "Bellwether."

No, the name crisis today seems to be on the name of my blog.

Originally, I was using Biorythms for my personal blog. Eventually I screwed around with it enough that I messed something up with it, it started doing the date double time for each post, and I thought I needed a change. So I transferred over to here, which was originally supposed to just be a "dream journal" blog, and began writing, thinking no one would really read it but a few friends.

And now people are reading it (still just a few of you, but still) and I can't help but think the name of my blog is silly and odd and no one will get it and augh. Plus it doesn't feel like "me." It's just something I fished around for and pasted up there.

So, I guess I'm contemplating another move, for no other reason than my own dissatisfaction. Which is a pretty good reason, I would say. But at the same time, I have no idea what I would call this new blog, except perhaps "Bell in Real Life," and I can see myself growing dissatisfied with that, as well. Which makes me feel like maybe I'm just being too fickle about this.

But I still think this blog's title is kinda stupid and awkward.


Awlbiste said...

That totally makes your blog design theme make a lot more sense now. Moving blogs can be a total pain in the butt.

Bell said...

Yeah...I'm just not sure what I want right now! AUGHSOINDECISIVE

Armond said...

I like the blog name. It's pretty cool, in that "I don't always quite get it" sense.

Also, chimaeras are pretty cool anyway.

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